What we do

Global Expansion

CRYSTAL WATERS GLOBAL specialises in developing, investing, constructing and operating across all residential and hospitality sectors, delivering a portfolio of exceptional high-end properties across the globe. Headquartered in Prime Central London, with additional offices in Athens, the business operates across Europe and Asia, providing luxury serviced villa resorts and branded residences in some of the world’s most prestigious destinations.

Today, we are growing rapidly with branded residences, urban retreats and luxury resorts currently being developed in London, Athens, Istanbul, Mykonos, Hong Kong, Dubai, Lefkada and Tinos. CRYSTAL WATERS GLOBAL has successfully cemented its reputation as leading DEVELOPERS, INVESTORS and OPERATORS, and is seeking further opportunities in other destinations, as the brand continues to expand globally.

The Vision

Crystal Waters Global’s philosophy is focused on breeding new life into spaces, buildings and areas, promoting new communities and local culture.

We remain committed to creating distinctive living spaces that preserve the inherent characteristics of both residential and commercial properties in their prime locations; delivering exceptional assets to clients and investors, meeting their justifiably high expectations.

Commercial Developments

Crystal Waters Global provides luxury serviced villa resorts and residences in some of the world’s most prestigious destinations.

Crystal Waters Global is growing rapidly with urban retreats and luxury resorts currently being developed in London, Athens, Istanbul, Mykonos, Hong Kong, Dubai, Lefkada and Tinos.

As well as seeking further opportunities in other destinations, the brand continues to expand globally.

Investment Strategy

Crystal Waters Global aims to generate significant capital value uplift and rental returns from the properties we acquire, transforming them on behalf of investor clients through well thought-out redevelopment strategies, expert management, creative refurbishment and imaginative marketing solutions.

Commercial Developents

While Crystal Waters Global stands out as a leading developer and operator, a portion of our commercial portfolio, both owned and/or managed, extends to the management of hospitality units, retail spaces and gastronomic projects in prestigious areas, that offer great retail and service potential.


Crystal Waters Global has a strong corporate social responsibility profile, that ranges from using environmentally friendly building practices, to training interns from all over the world and participating in university graduate programmes. We are always looking at new ways to make a positive contribution.

A key part of the business has always been to combine high quality design with the most sustainable environmental practices. Recycling and waste management both in offices and construction sites are two of our main policies, creating properties that are both attractive and also operate efficiently.

Social Responsibility

Crystal Waters Global is committed to supporting worthwhile causes and is affiliated with many charities and educational programmes in its operational locations.

We support a Chinese school on the island of Lefkada, which, since opening in 2018, has been running regular classes for adults and children to encourage an increasing number of locals to learn Mandarin, and partake in a wider cultural exchange.

We have also founded Life & Smile; a charity that supports single parent immigrants trapped by poverty, to give them the opportunity for a brighter, more stable future.


International growth combined with deep sector knowledge and expertise has enabled Crystal Waters Global to gain unique insight into emerging trends and future developments in real estate development, bespoke asset management and signature luxury hospitality.

Coupled with local knowledge and sharp management, the aim is to maximise investment opportunities in non-performing real estate and distressed assets, as well as in property dependent operating companies.

We own and manage our own investments and joint ventures, as well as frequently advising institutional investors and providing financial support via our affiliate real estate investment trusts and funds.

A Global Team

Our highly experienced team extends to over 300 people globally, from skillful operators and business developers in London, to hospitality experts worldwide and marketing specialists across Asia.

Operating out of offices in the UK, Europe and Asia, our dedicated team of real estate professionals drives the company’s success in a complex business environment and ensures our clients get the best return on their investment.