Crystal Waters Global

“…then you add the graceful design, unparalleled amenities and the genuine sense of belonging and, well, everything seems to have been created just for you…”

Residential Luxury

Crystal Waters Global remains committed to investing, developing and operating high-profile, superior hospitality, residential and commercial properties in prime locations, breathing new life into distinctive living spaces, buildings and neighbourhoods, while delivering exceptional assets to clients and investors.

Our luxurious properties will leave you feeling like you’ve reached a high point in your life.

Premium Destinations

Our portfolio includes distinguished addresses in Prime Central London, as well as branded residences and “hidden gem” urban retreats in the stunning Athenian Riviera, the most affordable riviera in Europe. Our luxury island retreat in Lefkada island, the “Caribbean of Greece”, is the biggest completed ‘serviced villa’ resort development in Greece, to date.

Enjoying rapid growth internationally, the Crystal Waters portfolio will soon be complemented by developments including a high-rise residential project at the iconic Nurol Tower in Istanbul, an intimate luxury villa development in Tinos island, “Greece’s Leading Guest Experience Destination”, and a luxury villa resort at the world-renowned celebrity island of Mykonos.

Cosmopolitan Escapes

Magnificent escapes amongst the Royal parks of Prime Central London, the world’s most diverse city. Multi-award-winning blue flag beaches in Lefkada island, a stone’s throw away from Skorpios, the legendary island of Onassis and Kennedy. Cultural getaways to the religiously significant, univeral pilgrimage hotspot of Tinos island; unforgettable views of the Bosphorus strait in Istanbul, the only city in the world built on two continents; and breathtaking panoramas of the Aegean Sea at the stunning Athenian Riviera. Cosmopolitan vacations to Mykonos, where the international ‘set’ gathers, and a vibrant sophisticated vibe meets the golden sands of the Cyclades.

Each Crystal Waters development is thoughtfully selected, considered and brought to life with an eye on future developments in real estate and hospitality, a unique insight into emerging trends in international travel and the growing need for unique experiences and quality escapism.

Mind & Soul

Crystal Waters aspires to create architecture for the soul; buildings that work with the environment at every level. We design inspiring, energetic, multi-cultural spaces that provide peace and tranquillity, enabling you to relax and enjoy the important interactions in life. No visual noise, no complexity, just a quiet sense of calm.

We strive for simplicity, clarity, improved communication and better spiritual alignment… What guides the compass of your life?

Family Time

There’s no hack to building strong relationships. Take the time to reinforce the important things in life: family and loved ones; the bonds that define our happiness, now and in the future. Relationships are built one step at a time.

Bespoke Concierge

The answer is yes… now what’s the question…?

Real conversations don’t follow a script and not everything goes to plan. Our leading concierge group of dedicated experts are there to handle all your requests, but also to help you with any unexpected needs…That’s what friends are for…

The true measure of a business is the smile on the faces of staff and customers alike, and we’re happy to rise to this challenge on any given day!

Local Flavours

Ιndulge in good food without pretense; taste the essence of each destination and interact directly with local culture in a sensory experience of flavours, aromas and textures.

Water Element

“It’s not just water. It’s where you regain your sanity…”

There’s no easy replacement to paddling on dreamy waters…

Connecting with water and nature resonates strongly with Crystal Waters philosophy. We strive for simplicity, health and balance and we regret no effort in incorporating these merits enthusiastically in the core of our activities.

Sports & Fun

Performance or internal belief. Trying your best, exercising and being active, competing or getting along with your teammates… whatever it is that motivates you, Crystal Waters strive to offer quality choices to our residents worldwide, in urban locations or island hideaways.

The ultimate goal is apparent; to have fun and be a better version of ourselves.